SMM Products in Australia

Established in 1967, Sammitr Motors Manufacturing Public Company Limited began as a small Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier, manufacturing car and truck body parts, moulds and fixtures to the automotive industry.

Positioned as a “One Stop Logistics Solution Provider”, Sammitr has established itself as the leading brand name for dump trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, specially designed trucks, steel canopies, and accessories for pick-up trucks.

In 1995 Sammitr designed the first “SMM Steel Canopy”. SMM Steel Canopies have been imported into Australia since 2007 through importers such as Razorback and ProEx. In mid April 2014 SAMMITR Australia assumed direct import of SMM canopies and products for the Australian market. We will soon be expanding our product range in Australia, and currently have a nationwide network of resellers for our canopies.

For all enquiries please contact our Sammitr (Australia) Pty Ltd Melbourne office on (03) 9706 7194.