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Sammitr global is the world’s only mass produced manufacturer of OEM pressed Steel Canopies in the world.
The Sammitr Steel Canopy is unique in Australia and is world renowned for its quality, styling, strength, level of specification, fit and finish.

Sammitr Australia is dedicated to being the distribution partner of choice for many active resellers across Australia.
We are focused exclusively on best serving the needs of our reseller partners. For this reason, we take care to ensure that our reseller partners are active industry aligned resellers, with committed sales and marketing strategies that will promote the growth of a mutually beneficial business relationship.

All new reseller applicants must go through an application and accreditation process to ensure they meet the requirements for becoming a Sammitr Australia reseller partner.

Please complete and submit the enquiry form below. A Sammitr Australia team member will contact you directly and begin the reseller application process.

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