Sammitr SMM Under-Rail Tub Liner

SMM Under-rail Tub Liner

The SMM Under-rail Tub Liners are moulded from UV and chemical resistant Polyethylene that is tough and durable, and won’t corrode or break down in any environment that your ute operates.

The under-rail tub liners maximise your load space and are the perfect complement for your SMM canopy where rail protection is not necessary to the cover’s functionality.

Under-rail Tub Liner Features

  • Chemical & UV resistant
  • Superior impact and tensile strength
  • Contoured to fit the tub
  • No-drill fitment
  • Access to factory tie hooks
  • Tailgate cap on

All SMM Under-rail Tubliners combine well with the full ‘SMM Steel Canopy’ range.

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